About the course

Geoscience Outreach is an innovative 4th year undergraduate course in the School of GeoSciences aiming to provide students with the opportunity to develop their own science communication and engagement project.

Our course is featured on the University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog, you can check out our blog post below to find out more about the course and the role of outreach and engagement in teaching.

GeoScience Outreach: teaching science communication ‘beyond the programme’ and outside of the ‘Ivory Tower’

We are all very passionate about outreach and are keen to share our love for science with a wide and diverse audience! On this website you can find details about the Geoscience Outreach projects, as well as information on how to use the products we have created – lesson plans, teaching aids, leaflets, videos, and much more!


Course organiser: Isla Myers-Smith
Teaching Team: Brian Cameron, Colin Graham, Andrew Cross, Kay Douglas
External contributors: Bonnie Auyeung (Psychology)
Tutors: Isla Simmons, Sophie Flack, Rachel Wignall and Jakob Assmann
Alumni and guest contributors: Gergana Daskalova, Archie Crofton, Rosanne Smith (Children’s University Scotland)
Past members of the teaching team: Jenny Tait

Geoscience outreach proved to me that somewhere in me I had the confidence and skill to not only create lessons that fit within the Scottish school curriculum but deliver them as well. The support provided by my lecturers and supervisors helped me succeed by encouraging the ideas that would work and letting me bounce ideas around with them.

Hannah Stevens

Geoscience Outreach provided me with the unique opportunity to combine my scientific knowledge with my horticulture family history – I created Trinity Gardening Club and taught secondary school pupils about agro-ecology and wildlife-friendly farming. The teaching experience I got re-affirmed my decision to pursue teaching as a career, and inspired me to strive for innovation and community engagement.

Gergana Daskalova